Around five thousand years ago Haven was a much different place. A world on the verge of chaos from an army, set to unleash demonic hordes from another realm. The army of Kuri had uncovered a series of giant towers which could be activated to open portal into the demonic realms. The army grew quickly using vile Feywild magic to turn their enemies against eachother. This left the armies of good fractured and without leadership. Seeing the downward spiral of his allies Shepard, a general of the Valgus Army beseeched the leaders of the other armies to gather secretly with him.

In their meeting Shepard told them of his plan, he wanted to launch a large assault against the Kuri’s leader, an evil Elf named Oelus. This attack would be a gamble, if they killed Oelus and his council of Sorcerers victory would surely come easily. But if they failed the armies of good would be so drained, defeat would be terrible and swift. So they decided a secondary plan would be needed if they failed. They left this task to the Arcane communities of each state.

On their march to the final tower Shepard met with every army he had the time for, armies of every race marched with him. Even the Drow Elves of the Underdark came, and a week before the army would be at the steps of Oelus himself, Shepard was approached by Borborygmos. This giant cyclops had gathered an army of Orcs, Goblins, Ogres and other monstrous creatures. Borborygmos knew of the plight that would fall upon their world if Shepard failed and gathered this army to fight.

They reached tower of Oelus and began to lay seige. They battled for almost a week before a group led by Shepard and Borborygmos was able to storm the tower’s doors. And for days they searched for the leader Oelus, but he kept eluding them stepping in and out of the Feywild. The forces outside had to retreat, leaving Shepard and his companions alone inside the tower.

When Oelus finally chose to confront them he had already made the preparations needed to complete the rituals for the gates. Oelus rained fire upon them and conjured minions of arcane form. In the end Borborygmos ripped a path through this magic so Shepard could cut the elf down. When Oelus died his body exploded with arcane power leaving Shepard’s face with a series of deep scars. It was of little consequence because the rest of the towers had been activated and the gates were opened save the one. Shepard slept for over a week after the battle.

When the Mages learned of the defeat they rushed to implement their plan. They had created 19 towers among the wild lands outside their borders, each with a single Mage inside. When they activated the towers the mages were bound to them and acted as a conduit to the Elemental Chaos. The towers magic powered the earth around it for thousands of miles and slowly that earth rose from the ground. So the army of Kuri had won, and their enemies fled to the sky never to been seen again.

When Shepard awoke from his sleep he found Borborygmos and a handful of wizards by his side. Oelus’s tower had been taken over by his own army after the spells that had clogged their minds broke. And this tower too was asceneding into the sky along side the main island, Haven. Shepard and Borborygmos journeyed to Haven to find it was filled with chaos, no cities or towns, just wilderness. Shepard journeyed the continents trying to bring civilizaition back to their world. The first order was to keep a record of all the information they could, he found a clan of dwarves who were mining the mountains and ordered them with this task. Shepard knew it would be a dark time if their races fell into war again and asked the gods for help. They granted Shepard immortality so he could do as he saw fit.


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