Haven: The Rise and Fall

Long time, no update

The group has seen it’s changes since we last saw them. The Miscreants, as they are known, are a group that have banded together to find the answers to the recent government corruption. William has pieced together the puzzle and gathered support for his cause. Kruger, a now exile Paladin of Vondii, Kelson Chambers, a swordsman and sneak, and with Stolenaars help, William has recuited a wide group of Psionic defenders, Adonnis, the void minded psion, and Taurunos the silent minotaur monk are just two of the many warriors gathered to fight corruption.

The group is considered dangerous and are being hunted down for crimes against the state. The most major of offenses, breaking out two prisoners who are known traitors to the king.

Finding the Hidden Agenda

The group has just become aware that Gorrin Ebonscale is not coming back, and William is taking his place as head inspector. With only one agent left in their division of the High Inspectors office, Kruger of Bahamut. Flustered by his newly appointed command William has stumbled on Gorrin’s old notes hidden away in his old desk. He can’t make heads or tails of it except that the next mission William and the gang were to take on was to find the motivations behind the tax hikes of Tollar. A task William has passed to Kruger and the group, now consisting of James Tango, Lorum G113, Kelson Chambers, Babo Babaranomos, Thunderclap and Quinn.

So without the company of Quinn and Thunderclap the group traveled to Tollar, driven by Stolech to see what they could find. Talking with the mayor and the innkeeper they quickly realized the old bartender was most likely behind the Dragon’s Tail dealings. A quick talk with the new bartender Dave, and a search of the bar revealed Mokran should be somewhere in Korbavva and that he left a set of keys at the bar. Talking with a merchant in town, the group found out that the keys belonged to a warehouse in the city of Tanudra.

With Stolech they traveled to the city and began searching the town and asking for Mokran. Their questioning lead to a meeting with Stolenaar, a well dressed minotaur who was also seeking Mokran for questioning. The grop found the warehouse in town, empty and clean. Though with a few more questions to the local citizens they found that Mokran was selling weapons to the orc tribesmen, and hiding the weapons in one of the warehouses in town. The group found one of the warehouses under the name Mokra and discovered a band of Orcs loading goods onto a caravan. Dispatching the orcs the group could not find Mokran, but are sure he knows he’s been discovered. Now they must find where he is hiding and question him about his dealings with the Dragon’s Tail.

The Collectors Quest

Adiri succesfully completed the ritual for William Rutherford and [[:James Tango]] with Kruger’s help. William Rutherford suffered from the ritual and had to take a few days to rest and recover. The group recieved it’s new orders from Gorin Ebonscale the next day, five artifacts which seem unconnected need to be retrieved for the kingdom. Torbavvas Staff, The Gibbering Orbs, The Red Dowsing Rod, the Shaded Key and the Claws of the Twin panthers. The group decided to ask around town about the panthers claws, they found out they were actually a pair of panther statues, and that a collector was going to buy them but recently passed away. They found Quinn and asked him to set up a meeting with the seller of the statues.

With time to prepare at the meeting site the group set up traps and ambushed the sellers who were mercenaries killing of anyone who tried to buy the statues. They got the leader to take them to the statues, which became spirits and attacked the group. Defeating them easily the group retieved the statues are headed back to town to find out there next plans.

A Cure for this Demon

When the group got back to Relkham and talked with Gorin they were told to cure William’s vampirism before they would be allowed to pursue any other official work. So they talked with a shop keeper named Adiri who had been helpful with the vampires before hand. She knew a ritual to excorcise the vampiric demon inside [[:william rutherford|William]] but needed the blood of the vampire who bit him or one of it’s sire’s.

So the group headed back to the Uppli River estates, now the Uppli Bend in search of some answers. A diary from Edward gave clues of the his sire’s hideout. A cave beyond a waterfall, protected by corrupted creatures. They fought past the creatures, some manhunters and finally found the sire himself, who called himself the master. He was a powerful vampire, with an air of corruption. Turning the paladin Kruger against his allies. Though with a surge of divine strength he broke the shackles of his mind to deliver a divine blow to the vampire. In a flash Monsef scooped up the masters blood in two vials and then the master was vanquished. Now they must make their way back to the city and pray the ritual works.

A Dragon in the Mountain

This session the group decided to investigate the high taxation of the Tollar city. It seems the lord Faren Whitecliff had recently been charges very high taxes for simply traveling the the roads. The town’s economy seemed to be suffering greatly because of this and the surrounding areas were feeling the burden as well. A stout dwarf farmer, after a few pint of ale told the group to head to Oak Bridge and wait until night. They got to the inn-less town and waited with a rather crazy warlock farmer, she tried to cure the vampirism that has plagued William Rutherford, resulting in three Blood Potatoes.

So that night, the group waited and found that a caravan was going up the mountain into the mines, and it was filled with the taxed gold and a large portion of goods from the local markets. So the next morning they group proceeded into the mines to find a gang of elves helping a young red dragon named Atnas. The dragon was filling small statues with goods from the people and was planning on sending the animated statues to attack the towns below. The group quickly vanquished the elves and the dragon. Giving the goods and what gold they could back to the town, and saving Faren Whitecliffs son in the process.

Vampires in the Woods

With the failure of William Rutherford to smoke out the cultist contender in the Austes Tournament, Gorin Ebonscale made haste to the town of Relkham. He sent William Rutherford and his fellow companions Lorum the Unearthed, Babo, Merthrin and newly recruited Monsef to rid the village of Uoplee Estates of a small vampire investation. Traveling quickly they reached the town in two days and were quickly shown the run down mansion, which held the nest of vampires, by Edward the town lord. They stayed the night in the local inn but were attack before dawn by the vampire leader. They easily killed him and his cohorts and proceeded to the mansion.

Launching a carefully planned assault the group made quick work of the vampires upstairs and downstairs. Finding a meager fortune on the way. Leaving the mansion with pride they were greeted by Edward outside under the veil of a magical darkness. The lord, who was showing that he was a vampire, turned on the group with his guards by his side controlling their very minds and the minds of the group. But his magical veil was soon torn down and he was slain outright under the blazing sun.

It seems most of the towns folk were in fact vampires so the group brought them into the sun and in the end fourtownsfolk were left alive. So with a job well done the group heads back to Relkham to meet up with Gorin Ebonscale

New Adventures in Kunningriik

The new campaign has started in the kingdom of [[Kunningriik]. The characters are . . .

  • High Inspector William Rutherford of the Field Investigators office.
  • Royal Guard Kruger of Vondii, Paladin of Bahamut
  • 133 – The Unearthed, Shaman to a gnome tribe
  • Thunderclap Black Ring, Retired Guardsman of Rydell
  • Babo, Gnome Illusionist

With the five characters working together they tried to smoke out a cult who had placed a contender into the Tournament of Austes, being held in Relkham. They found a group of the cultists in the woods outside of town who were quickly taken care of. Although they never identified who the cult member in the tournament was, it’s believed they were flushed out of the compitition. The final champion of the tournament was Selera a half-elf.

To the Eastern Mountains

Ren, Thalia, Jonathan, Stahl and a friendly new eladrin wizard have traveled east into the mountains in search of the leader of a cult worshipping Tiamat. They have happened upon an elf which is guiding them to an ancient monastary which they hope will lead to answers about the cult leader.

And perhaps some gems

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