Vampiric Demons and Devils

Vampires and their mutanted offspring have plauged Haven for centuries. This book will help to familiarized youself with those dark souls that are the vampires.

The story goes that a once great kingdom was brought down by the first vampires. A dying king’s only son, a cult to the god Vecna and some very bad decisions led to the first vampires. Demon’s who possess the bodies of the dead and torment the living. The Vampires took control of a kingdoms royal line and reigned for a century before being usurped by the people. The vampires infected common people and the dark gift spread throughout the world.

Dealing with the Dark Souls

Though these creatures are dangerous and deadly they can be stopped, and their list of strengths are matched by their list of weaknesses.

  • Sunlight No vampire can survive in direct sunlight, give them a few minutes to cook and all you’ll have is some dust on your feet
  • Wooden Stakes A stake through the heart of a vampire will kill them permenantly, though you’ll need to weaken them before they will allow a stake to get that close
  • Divine Light The burning light of the gods will burn the vampire’s skin like sunlight, a vampire who falls to the effects of the divine glow will become dust
  • Holy Symbols Vampires have an odd relationship with The Pantheon, most will respect followers of Vecna who gave them their immortality, but will attack the followers of The Raven Queen who seek to destroy the undead

Vampiric Demons and Devils

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