Protector of the Forest

“You shall not pass, through this forest”

Roots of the Forest: (11th level) If you haven’t moved since the beginning of your last turn and are pushed pulled or slid, you can reduce the amount you are pushed pulled or slid by 1 square. If you haven’t moved for two turns, and are knocked prone, make a saving throw, on a success you are not knocked prone.

Spirit’s Action: (11th level) When you spend an action point you may use your Rooted Recovery power, even if you have used it during this encounter. This does not expend your Rooted Recovery power.

Healing Spirit: (16th level) When an adjacent ally fails a saving throw you may have that ally re roll the saving throw, they must use the second result.

  • Rending Vines

Encounter Primal, Weapon or Implement

Standard Action Close Burst 5

Target: One creature in burst

Attack: Wisdom, Intelligence or Charisma vs. Will

Hit: 2d8 + Wisdom, Intelligence or Charisma modifier damage and the target is immobilized until the end of your next turn.

  • Forest Walk

At-Will Primal

Move Action

Target: You or an ally

Effect: You move your speed and ignore difficult terrain that is part of a tree, underbrush, or some other forest growth.

  • Ancestral Spirit

Daily Primal, Summoning

Standard Action Ranged 5

Effect: You summon a Large Spirit Tree in an unoccupied square within range. You can give the Tree the following special command. On the turn you summon the Tree, you give that command as part of using this power.

Standard Action: Close Burst 20; targets one dying Ally; The target is pulled your Wisdom, Intelligence or Charisma mod towards the Tree. The next death save the creature makes receives a +2 power bonus.

Instinctive Effect: If you haven’t given the Tree any commands by the end of your turn, it pulls the nearest dying ally in close burst 10 your Wisdom, Intelligence or Charisma modifier.

Protector of the Forest

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