Broskt is a Paladin from the ancient order of Lore Keeping Dwarves that serves Shepard.


Broskt grew up in the the [[The Del Ankor Keepers|Del Ankor Keep]] where he studied what he could of Haven’s history. Like other Keepers he trained in the use of hammers as a defensive weapon. When the time came for Broskt to journey, out into the world to gather information, he choose to settle into [[Fallcrest]], a town not too far south of his home. He quickly set up a small shop and made connections with the local merchants. The town of [[Fallcrest]] wasn’t too out of the ordinary other then ancient tower whose only resident was an old wizard named Septarc. Broskt and Septarc became associated, Broskt would learn what he could from the wizard and Septarc used to Broskt to run dangerous errands for him; Mostly Broskt hired adventures to do these tasks.

After many sucessful years gathering information Broskt recieved orders from The Keep that a great danger was about to fall Haven. Portals to the Old World were opening and demons were coming by the hundreds to Haven. They were amassing in the [[Palek Mountains]] and the [[The Dragon Steps]]. If the source of the portals was not destroyed then Haven would fall to the demonic hordes eventually.

So Broskt gathered a group of warriors he had recently befriended and gave them the task to cross over to the Old World. The group was known afterwards as [[Broskt’s Hand]]. After two months the group defeated the demonic leader and returned to a safe Haven. After this Broskt retired to [[The Del Ankor Keepers|The Del Ankor Keep]] but still keeps in contact with those still in [[Fallcrest]]


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