Neiva, Ruthless and Item Hungry


Gaph resided in a small kobold village that worships Flagmore the Black Dragon in the mountain range south of the Tuli Desert. The tribe decided to send Gaph to the new trade town forming in the desert and send back information. Gaph soon met up with an adventuring group and decided to follow his own path to riches.

Gaph made himself very useful with his druid abilities and found many great and shiny items. On an adventure to stop a necromancer in the Tuli Desert the group was accompanied by an avenger that Gaph did not like his skills in battle. Gaph bit the avenger after the necromancer was defeated and it was just enough to kill the avenger. Stahl Felwarn and Thalia Deep-Valley would not stand for this attack and killed the kobold in the necromancers den.

Gaph was revived by another necromancer passer by and now follows the group finding curise items the group passes up. So of the company still trys to finish the job done by Stal and Thalia but have yet been successful.


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