• Baelgrithe


    A pure soul that descended into madness. Formerly Krastinov the Butcher.
  • Barren Journey-Teller

    Barren Journey-Teller

    A friend and ally to those with a hint of destiny
  • Broskt


    Broskt is a Paladin from the ancient order of Lore Keeping Dwarves that serves Shepard.
  • Drow


    An ruthless amnesia bound Drow who spends his days training young warriors
  • Gaph


    Neiva, Ruthless and Item Hungry
  • Gnar Flame Tongue

    Gnar Flame Tongue

    The hearty pseudo god of the Kobold Keep merchants
  • Grosh


    The leader and enforcer of the Kobold Keep Merchants
  • GrumbleThor


    Once a brutal mercenary, now a Paladin, husband, father and bartender
  • Korvas Tobrah

    Korvas Tobrah

    Korvas is an unknowing follower of Balinor, he protects the natural world of Haven.
  • Lord Ryebang

    Lord Ryebang

    An exiled noble of the Shadowfell
  • Melinda Algood

    Melinda Algood

    Suprised? No, I'm never suprised.
  • Nells Flordin

    Nells Flordin

    The man, known from every corner of the globe, Nells. The best friend you could ever have
  • Pichas of the Nightmeadow

    Pichas of the Nightmeadow

    The last Kithkin to ever live, he gave his soul to Orcus and betrayed Haven.
  • Piper Longshanks

    Piper Longshanks

    Beardless, short and slow
  • Ren


  • Sirrah


    An artist, tinkerer and archer who can blow you up before you even see him
  • Stahl Fellworn

    Stahl Fellworn

    If you've lost something at the bottom of a bottle, Stahl can find it.
  • Thalia Deep-Valley

    Thalia Deep-Valley

    A warden of the chillwind mountain range
  • Tsunami


    "He once pet a dragon and had his hand get bitten off" - Broskt "A dragon once bit my hand off and then I killed it by plunging an arrow into it's eye" - Tsunami
  • Vincent


    A seeker of of complete knowledge