Haven: The Rise and Fall

Vampires in the Woods

With the failure of William Rutherford to smoke out the cultist contender in the Austes Tournament, Gorin Ebonscale made haste to the town of Relkham. He sent William Rutherford and his fellow companions Lorum the Unearthed, Babo, Merthrin and newly recruited Monsef to rid the village of Uoplee Estates of a small vampire investation. Traveling quickly they reached the town in two days and were quickly shown the run down mansion, which held the nest of vampires, by Edward the town lord. They stayed the night in the local inn but were attack before dawn by the vampire leader. They easily killed him and his cohorts and proceeded to the mansion.

Launching a carefully planned assault the group made quick work of the vampires upstairs and downstairs. Finding a meager fortune on the way. Leaving the mansion with pride they were greeted by Edward outside under the veil of a magical darkness. The lord, who was showing that he was a vampire, turned on the group with his guards by his side controlling their very minds and the minds of the group. But his magical veil was soon torn down and he was slain outright under the blazing sun.

It seems most of the towns folk were in fact vampires so the group brought them into the sun and in the end fourtownsfolk were left alive. So with a job well done the group heads back to Relkham to meet up with Gorin Ebonscale



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