Haven: The Rise and Fall

The Collectors Quest

Adiri succesfully completed the ritual for William Rutherford and [[:James Tango]] with Kruger’s help. William Rutherford suffered from the ritual and had to take a few days to rest and recover. The group recieved it’s new orders from Gorin Ebonscale the next day, five artifacts which seem unconnected need to be retrieved for the kingdom. Torbavvas Staff, The Gibbering Orbs, The Red Dowsing Rod, the Shaded Key and the Claws of the Twin panthers. The group decided to ask around town about the panthers claws, they found out they were actually a pair of panther statues, and that a collector was going to buy them but recently passed away. They found Quinn and asked him to set up a meeting with the seller of the statues.

With time to prepare at the meeting site the group set up traps and ambushed the sellers who were mercenaries killing of anyone who tried to buy the statues. They got the leader to take them to the statues, which became spirits and attacked the group. Defeating them easily the group retieved the statues are headed back to town to find out there next plans.



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