Haven: The Rise and Fall

New Adventures in Kunningriik

The new campaign has started in the kingdom of [[Kunningriik]. The characters are . . .

  • High Inspector William Rutherford of the Field Investigators office.
  • Royal Guard Kruger of Vondii, Paladin of Bahamut
  • 133 – The Unearthed, Shaman to a gnome tribe
  • Thunderclap Black Ring, Retired Guardsman of Rydell
  • Babo, Gnome Illusionist

With the five characters working together they tried to smoke out a cult who had placed a contender into the Tournament of Austes, being held in Relkham. They found a group of the cultists in the woods outside of town who were quickly taken care of. Although they never identified who the cult member in the tournament was, it’s believed they were flushed out of the compitition. The final champion of the tournament was Selera a half-elf.



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