Haven: The Rise and Fall

Finding the Hidden Agenda

The group has just become aware that Gorrin Ebonscale is not coming back, and William is taking his place as head inspector. With only one agent left in their division of the High Inspectors office, Kruger of Bahamut. Flustered by his newly appointed command William has stumbled on Gorrin’s old notes hidden away in his old desk. He can’t make heads or tails of it except that the next mission William and the gang were to take on was to find the motivations behind the tax hikes of Tollar. A task William has passed to Kruger and the group, now consisting of James Tango, Lorum G113, Kelson Chambers, Babo Babaranomos, Thunderclap and Quinn.

So without the company of Quinn and Thunderclap the group traveled to Tollar, driven by Stolech to see what they could find. Talking with the mayor and the innkeeper they quickly realized the old bartender was most likely behind the Dragon’s Tail dealings. A quick talk with the new bartender Dave, and a search of the bar revealed Mokran should be somewhere in Korbavva and that he left a set of keys at the bar. Talking with a merchant in town, the group found out that the keys belonged to a warehouse in the city of Tanudra.

With Stolech they traveled to the city and began searching the town and asking for Mokran. Their questioning lead to a meeting with Stolenaar, a well dressed minotaur who was also seeking Mokran for questioning. The grop found the warehouse in town, empty and clean. Though with a few more questions to the local citizens they found that Mokran was selling weapons to the orc tribesmen, and hiding the weapons in one of the warehouses in town. The group found one of the warehouses under the name Mokra and discovered a band of Orcs loading goods onto a caravan. Dispatching the orcs the group could not find Mokran, but are sure he knows he’s been discovered. Now they must find where he is hiding and question him about his dealings with the Dragon’s Tail.



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