Haven: The Rise and Fall

A Dragon in the Mountain

This session the group decided to investigate the high taxation of the Tollar city. It seems the lord Faren Whitecliff had recently been charges very high taxes for simply traveling the the roads. The town’s economy seemed to be suffering greatly because of this and the surrounding areas were feeling the burden as well. A stout dwarf farmer, after a few pint of ale told the group to head to Oak Bridge and wait until night. They got to the inn-less town and waited with a rather crazy warlock farmer, she tried to cure the vampirism that has plagued William Rutherford, resulting in three Blood Potatoes.

So that night, the group waited and found that a caravan was going up the mountain into the mines, and it was filled with the taxed gold and a large portion of goods from the local markets. So the next morning they group proceeded into the mines to find a gang of elves helping a young red dragon named Atnas. The dragon was filling small statues with goods from the people and was planning on sending the animated statues to attack the towns below. The group quickly vanquished the elves and the dragon. Giving the goods and what gold they could back to the town, and saving Faren Whitecliffs son in the process.



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