Haven: The Rise and Fall

A Cure for this Demon

When the group got back to Relkham and talked with Gorin they were told to cure William’s vampirism before they would be allowed to pursue any other official work. So they talked with a shop keeper named Adiri who had been helpful with the vampires before hand. She knew a ritual to excorcise the vampiric demon inside [[:william rutherford|William]] but needed the blood of the vampire who bit him or one of it’s sire’s.

So the group headed back to the Uppli River estates, now the Uppli Bend in search of some answers. A diary from Edward gave clues of the his sire’s hideout. A cave beyond a waterfall, protected by corrupted creatures. They fought past the creatures, some manhunters and finally found the sire himself, who called himself the master. He was a powerful vampire, with an air of corruption. Turning the paladin Kruger against his allies. Though with a surge of divine strength he broke the shackles of his mind to deliver a divine blow to the vampire. In a flash Monsef scooped up the masters blood in two vials and then the master was vanquished. Now they must make their way back to the city and pray the ritual works.



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